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Attached are pictures of Johnson Floors, Patagonian Rosewood Ruby. I did almost the whole house. No more wall to wall carpet.
Karl M. (Jacksonville, FL) - Patagonian Rosewood Ruby Engineered 3 5/8"

This testimonial is long overdue. We purchased cork planks several years back now, and today are ordering to replace the last of our carpet. The installation was easy! So fun and rewarding, in fact, that we are hoping to do this next installation over Christmas weekend. Let me also add that with three dogs and two cats, cork has out-performed wood, tile and marmoleum. And Black River has been great to work with.

Kate M. (Texas) - Installation rocks!
Great flooring! I ordered over 750 square feet of the white oak Country Wood Flooring and only 3 pieces couldn't be used.
Keith S. (University Place, WA) - Golden Standard 3 1/4""

I finally finished all small details on my new addition. I once had a linoleum floor and a small 12x12 U-shaped kitchen with no eat-in area. Now I’ve got a galley style kitchen with black/green butterfly granite and stainless appliances. It’s almost too nice to use, but I do. I LOVE the floors and tell everyone I know about you all.

I’ve included some before/after photos for you. We went with your oak engineered hardwood floors for my new 24x36 kitchen/dining room addition. I hope you can see enough of the hardwood floors.

I’ll admit to being a little hesitant at first dealing with online purchases this large, but I met the delivery truck to pick up the glue one day and the 18 wheeler came directly to my house another day. We had enough young men there to help unload the truck. Everything worked out great and nothing was damaged. I was really impressed. Thanks to Kevin for going out of your way to order from NJ for a quicker delivery. My builder and I appreciated it. I wanted to at least show you the miraculous transformation of my house.

Thanks again!

Rene L. in Virginia

Rene L. (Orange, VA) - Oak Prime 3 1/4
Just wanted to leave some good feedback on an excelllent transaction with black river floors. Ordering was easy, shipment was quick, and packaging was excellent, no damage. Will definitely use them in the future for my flooring needs. What eles could you ask for? I saved a bundle and got exactly what I wanted on time with no hassels or shipping problems.
Great Experience
It was a pleasure doing business with your company. Requested samples were delivered in a few days. The entire order of just over 1700 square feet was delivered in less than a week.
The quality was amazing. The carpenters that were helping me install the flooring claimed that it was the easiest hardwood flooring that they ever installed. As a result, we were able to complete the installation in less than 80 man hours.
The price was unbelieveable. We shopped the Northern Virginia area for similar flooring and could not touch it for under $14.00 per squre foot. Your price including delivery charges was around $4.65 per square foot.
The distressed look just seems so natural in our log house. I recommend your web site to everyone who is interested in wood flooring. Thanks again and enjoy the pictures.
Pete B.
Shenandaoh Valley - 5" Oak Derby Teak Solid

We ordered Cork flooring and we love the way it looks. We chose it because of the Great Price, and that it is from Europe and should have better VOC standards than products from China. When it arrived we noticed an odor similar to formaldahyde so we called and asked your staff if it indeed have formaldahyde as many other engineered products do. Your staff said ther was no formaldahyde in the product, but it said nothing on your website about formaldahyde so we were skeptical. We spent $ 250.00 to have the floor independantly tested. After 2 week of waiting for the results, and expecting bad news, we were very happy to hear that the floors contained ABSOLUTLEY NO FORMALDAHYDE! VOC's are becoming a big concern for people, Don't be afraid to advertise it on your site -- It will make people more comfortable with your engineered floors and possibily save them $ 250.00!

Thank you
You CAN count on people
Superb quality. We have ordered 3 times so far, and each time our order was handled promptly and in an outstandingly excellent manner. We are now looking into cork planks for our kitchen. I'm an old. retired general contractor who has been installing the maple flooring in my house, and my daughter's. Couldn't be happier with Black River and with Country Floors !!
Country Solid Maple Floors
When deciding what type of flooring to renovate with, we found the distressed bamboo online and ordered a sample. We loved the color and texture, so we placed an order and received it in less than a week. My husband installed it and we are so pleased with the outcome. The color variation in each strand of bamboo makes it a truly unique and beautiful floor. Whenever we needed help with installation advice, the Blackriver floor website answered most of our questions, and the personnel were able to answer the rest. Everyone at Blackriver Floors was a joy to work with. Thank you!
Distressed Bamboo Flooring
I wanted to drop a line to let you know that I am a very satisfied customer. Marc was very helpfull in the entire buying process. The order was placed in a very timely manner. The floor looks great. Thanks again, customer for life.
Very Satisfied Customer
Thank you for the fast shipment of the product you sent me. The customer loves it! The gunstock looks great against the white oak. Again thanks guys, you can use these pictures for anything if you'd like. Thanks again from Carpets Too in New York.

Jason F. (Owner, Carpets Too) - Oak Standard w/ Gunstock border
We do have a few comments about the flooring. Timing and delivery was right on time. Rarely a day goes by that we do not admire our country white oak 3/4" plank flooring. We wanted a light flooring with would give us a country feel and we found it through you. It is impossible to get locally as red oak is dominant. The Installers commented that this was the best flooring they had ever installed as there was not a bad or warped board in the lot. It is not only beautiful but easy to maintain by simply a quick and easy wipe with a terry cloth mop. As others have marvelled over the flooring, we have passed on your website. Thank you for providing us with such a high quality product.
Nason and Beth H. (Murphys, CA) - Oak Natural Country 5"
Here are a few pictures of the hard wood we put down. It is excellent quality. Thanks for everything.
Larry C. (Unionville, TN) - Oak Standard 2 1/4"
We are very pleased with our flooring from Black River Flooring. We purchased our flooring from your company and were impressed with the quality and value. Our installer was favorably impressed with the quality and stated "It was the best flooring he had seen. No waste and sealed on the bottom!"
Our neighbors and friends have since raved about how elegant the floor looks. Needless to say, we would recommend Black River Floors to anyone looking for value and quality based on our experience.
Frank F. (Edgemont, AR) - Oak Gunstock 3 1/4"
We purchased the Oak Golden Rose Select and put it down in our entire house except the bathrooms. We love it! It looks and feels warm. We knew we wanted hardwood floors for our new home and had searched pretty thoroughly for the best quality and price that we could afford. We couldn't believe that you guys had such great quality flooring at such a reasonable price...and you were even right here in Wisconsin (a fact that confirmed we just had to go with you guys!) Ordering was a snap, delivery was on time, and my husband had no problems installing it. If we ever build another house, we will definitely purchase from Black River Floors again. Thanks again for our flooring.
Brian and Michele W. (Portage, WI) - Oak Golden Rose Select 3 1/4"
I ordered some white birch flooring from you a week and a half ago. I was surprised to see that it arrived in just 4 business days. I haven't done a lot of wood flooring just a few hundred square feet for my brother and a couple of friends. The product I ordered from you was far superior to any I have used thus far. Out of the seven boxes you shipped there was only one piece that had a fairly minor indentation. The rest was flawless. Thank you for being so helpful over the phone and saving me money with the tip on shipping as well. I will definitely spread the word about your company and probably order some more myself. I have a full box left over; because I had planned on there being more waste...there just wasn't any.

Tom T. (Glendive, MT) - White Birch 3 1/4

We were very pleased with this product in the quality and look of the completed floor.   There was almost no waste due to spoilage (defective boards contained in the shipped packages) I would estimate that spoilage in 1200 square feet of flooring was less than 1/10 of 1%.   We will continue to recommend this quality product to our customers.
(complete testimonial on file)

David L. (Old Lyme, CT) - Prime Maple 2 1/4"
I thought I'd show you how the floors turned out. We used the shorts in the dining room and the longs in the living room. The kitchen, family room, and 2 beds are also done, but no pics yet. (The kitchen was done last September, but got covered before I could get the camera out.) It was great working with you, and we hope to do it again. You guys have a great product and great service.
Teri J. (Beaver Homes, Harrisburg, PA) - Maple Prime 3 1/4"
The Brazilian Oak is a gorgeous combination of light browns, tans and yellows. It is very warm and welcoming.
Linda B. (West Salem, WI) - Brazilian Oak(Amendoim) 5"
Here are the pics of the flooring I purchased from Black River and just put in my log home. It's pretty impressive to say the least.
Al A. (Belton, MO) - Oak Country Golden 5"
Attached are work in progress photos from a cabin I'm upgrading near Zion National Park. The setting is very rustic and I thought your rustic cut birch hardwood flooring wood work well. It looks great. I laid the floor myself with a manual nail down technique. I have put up tongue and groove wood paneling before but this is the first time I've put in a floor; it was pretty easy. I was very happy with the quality of our product (especially since it was designated as rustic grade). I have yet to finish the floor board trim and stove pad trim, and install a wood stove in the cabin. I can send more photos when complete.
Chris C. (Salt Lake City, UT) - Birch Country 3 1/4"
These pictures don't do the floor justice. I looked at a lot of options online and locally. I came to the conclusion that you had the product I wanted at less than half of what I would have had to pay locally. It was also in a warehouse on the west coast, only 2500 miles away. It looks good in the pictures but in person it is beautiful. The floor matches our cherry wood furniture perfectly and we couldn't be happier.
Paul M. (Honolulu, HI) - Patagonian Rosewood Ruby 3 5/8
Got the flooring down and it looks really great. I am doing another room and need to know if their is 700-800 sq ft available from the same lot as I have. The rooms will connect so it would be nice if this was still available, plus it looks great. Thanks.
Bob F. (Russellton, PA) - Brazilian Walnut 4 3/4"
Thank you for one of the finest wood floors in Hawaii at a cost that would make others who paid more cry. The quality, feel and experience of dealing with you made having a beautiful exotic Cumaru floor a reality at a price we could afford. But that’s not all, take a look at the pictures and you’ll see why the appraiser was awestruck at the beauty of the wood and how it made the whole home feel rich and warm. No one, not even myself, imagined that 2300sqft of wood flooring combined with ocean views would have such a remarkable impression on people. Many Mahalo’s from the land of sun and sea.
John and Jacki M. (Kona, HI) - Cumaru 3 1/2"
We are happy to send a photo of our floor. Sorry we do not have a before shot. We are very happy with the quality of the product. You can see we laid the product diagonally. Thanks.
Chris L. (The Colony, TX) - Golden Kempas 3 5/8"
I want to thank you for the great service you provided us. The flooring arrived right on time and we received exactly what we ordered. We do a lot of spec homes, and there's usually a mess up on either delivery dates or what is delivered. And since we were behind schedule it really mattered that the flooring arrived when it needed to be. We've looked at many flooring companies throughout the US for the homes we build. Black River consistently comes up best both in quality and price. You are the most cost effective product we have found. We're getting ready to start two more multi-million dollar spec homes, so you can expect to be getting an order from us soon. I'm attaching a picture of the walnut flooring we used on our last project.
Mike C. (Forest Homes, Scottsdale, AZ) - Brazilian Walnut 4 3/4"
First and most important to me was the quality of the wood. In my opinion, what I received was top quality wood. There were no open knots, splits etc. There were maybe two boards that had a broken tongue and groove…but that was probably my fault when I dropped the un-opened box. The finish and the product were awesome. The way that it is shipped protects the finish from any damage. I’m a stickler for details and the product I received far exceeded my expectations. Furthermore, I would assume that if there was some problem with the wood, the installer would have commented or complained about it. His only comment was “bonito” beautiful. Just check out the pictures. These low quality pictures don’t do the actual floor any justice. But they will show you the basic beauty.

Now for Black River. I thought they ran a terrific service for me. First, they responded to my emails and when I called them, I got terrific service. One of the sales guys helped me through the whole process. (Thanks Neal!) Not only did he promptly send out samples for me to view, but he also spent a lot of time with me and my detailed questions. He also sent me a couple of other samples that I didn’t ask for. (Which is the one we actually went with.) I would be surprised if any other company would not only spend that much time with someone, but also giving them good advise. Also, after I had made my order, I was asking for transition pieces. He could have easily ordered up a couple of transition pieces, but instead he gave me an alternative that didn’t cost me anything.

Now for delivery. I went looking at Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc and for the wood floors we wanted, it was at least a 14 day wait. Not only was Black River’s product far superior to any I was looking at, it also beat everybody on price by a landslide. And I only waited 5 days from order to delivery at my house. I can’t imagine how the delivery would have gone any smoother. They set it up, the company called me, and it was delivered to my door as expected. The price on the delivery to my door was extremely competitive as well.

I usually don’t spend this kind of time writing a letter, but in this case, the whole process from beginning to end exceeded all my expectations. And my expectations are very high. I’m an actual customer and I would highly recommend this company to my friends and anyone that wants a top quality product, delivered in a timely manner at an excellent price. Thanks Black River!
Jack M. (Foothill Ranch, CA) - Brazilian Cherry 4 3/4"
Here are two photos taken of our new maple floor. You may use them on your website as a glowing endorsement of your product. We were so happy with the end results. So glad to have found you folks!
Becky L. (Preston Hollow, NY) - Maple 3 1/4"
Please find attached a few pictures from our finished installation in our family room of the
Rustic Maple 3/4” x 5” hardwood floor we purchased from you guys in January of 2005.

Maybe it is time to thank you for your excellent service, reasonable pricing, and on time delivery, living up to all your promises, for this beautiful floor. It has been down for six months now, and there are no sign of warping, movement, or any other blemishes that could detract from its beauty.

I laid the floor myself, using a rented floor nailer from The Home Depot. The quality of this floor is so good that putting it down is quite simple. I would recommend to anybody doing it themselves, however, to take the cost of renting a floor nailer, as the nailer makes the job go five to ten times faster than doing it by hand, and the end result is much better. I also took the time to glue each end joint, which seems to have worked very well.

A couple of the pictures (# 3 and 5) show you where the floor buts up to the Bruce Hardwood floor installed by the builder of the house. The joint is very clean and nice, and it shows off the excellent quality of the floor we bought from you.
Atle F. (Phoenixville, PA) - Maple Country 5"
We are extremely happy with the flooring! Very Nice! After researching other flooring companies on the internet, as well as Lowe's and Home Depot, we found that Black River was the best. They answered all of our questions and were very informative. We ordered 3/4 x 3 1/4" Oak Prime pre-finished. The order arrived quickly and in good condition. The quality of the flooring is better then we expected and it looks beautiful in our house! We are very satisfied. Thank You!
Timothy F. (Goshen, NY) - Oak Prime 3 1/4"
We were very pleased with the service and quality product we received from Black River Flooring. Black River Flooring helped make the process of selecting wood for our living room easy and less time consuming. The representatives were pleasant to talk to and were readily available to answer questions. They sent numerous samples quickly and worked with us to help find a color that met our needs. It's reassuring to order from a company that is run like a family business in which the representatives recognize their customers by name.
In addition to the excellent customer service, we were also pleased with the quality of the wood from Black River Flooring. The lengths of the pieces varied, and the finish and color look very natural. Our living room looks fantastic with the hard wood. Thanks Black River Flooring!
Mindaugas L. (Norwalk, CT) - Oak Honeyrose Standard 3 1/4"
I have to tell you again how pleased we are with our new hardwood floor (Distressed / Hand scraped Oak Honey). While we were apprehensive about making such a large purchase online, as soon as it was delivered, our concerns were relieved. The quality is clearly superior to anything else that we were considering and the finished product has exceeded all of our expectations. It was also very reassuring, when our installer (with 21 years of experience) said it is the best product that he has ever worked with. It has literally transformed the look of our home, and we are excited about showing off our new floors, and referring people to your Web site.
Mitch & Jennie D. (Jacksonville, FL) - Oak Honey Distressed 5"
I will gladly comment on the flooring we put in our new addition. Our room is about 550 square feet (32X17). We decided on the distressed oak derby teak. We absolutely love it! My husband and I put the flooring in ourselves. We rented a pneumatic floor nailer and it took about 13 hours. Whenever anyone comes into this room the first thing they ask about is the flooring. We love how the distressed look gives a warm, cozy atmosphere. The product is definitely high quality. Thank you Black River Floors!
Julie F. (Fergus Falls, MN) - Oak Durbey Teak distressed 5"
As  promised I'm sending you some of the pics I took of the flooring I did throughout our whole house. We are very pleased with your service and products, and want to thank you again for the help and advice you've given me.
Art K. (Campbell Hall, NY) - Oak Select 4 3/4
Just wanted to say thanks for the wood. Here are finished rooms.
Mark W. (Delmar, MD) - Brazilian Oak 4 3/4"
I knew that I wanted cork floors for my office/craft room. I wanted a solid floor that looked high quality but that would also clean up easily. provided the best price on cork flooring that I could find on the internet. I called to place my order and the customer service representative was friendly, extremely helpful and professional--a rarity in these days! My order was shipped to a warehouse to save money. We picked it up and the order was exactly as promised! We installed the floor ourselves and I couldn't be happier. It sweeps clean easily and looks fabulous. Several of my friends thought I was crazy choosing a cork floor. Now that they have seen it, they all love it.
Abby A. (Springfield, IL) - Samba Cork Glueless Floating Plank
Three months ago I installed your 12x12 cork floor tile in my kitchen. Cork tile interested me for six reasons. One, cork is a renewable resource. Two, cork provides acoustical control in an otherwise noisy space. Three, cork's cushioning effect prevents tired legs and feet while preparing meals and cleaning up. Five, I wanted a checker board pattern without using vinyl or ceramic tile. And, six, cork keeps our kitchen floor warm despite being built over an uninsulated crawl space. Cleaning the floor is straight forward, just a damp mop and its appearance is very forgiving of spills and crumbs if I cannot get to something right away. Your product was well priced based on my Internet search and your staff very helpful during the ordering and installation process.
Virginia K. (San Rafael, CA) - Country/Dawn Cork Tiles in checkerboard pattern
We love our floating cork floor, it really gave our sun room the look we wanted. The unique appearance and natural patterns exceeded our expectations.
Browsing the different patterns on your web site was simple and the samples we requested arrived in just a couple days.
Installation was very easy with the snap lock edge feature and there was very little waste.
The floor is very comfortable under our feet, I think the integral cork underlayment cushions the floor. We will add more cork flooring elsewhere in our home in the future.
Mike G. (Severna Park, MD) - Bluestone Cork Glueless Floating Plank
After becoming an addict of HGTV, I decided to do some remodeling in my kitchen. Budget was a major concern, as was being able to do much of the work myself (again, to save money). I'd seen cork flooring used on some remodeling shows. This was a new flooring product to me - so I went to the Internet to do some research. I found that cork is extremely durable, and its texture makes it much easier on the feet (really important in a kitchen). I liked the selection and prices of Black River Floors so went with their product. The cork is reasonably priced, I didn't have to rip up my old linoleum flooring - I was able to go right over it (a big plus!), and the cork was easy to cut to fit, when necessary, with a utility knife. It really hides the dirt (great with kids and pets in the house), and cleaning is simple. I used two colors of cork, with four blocks of each color making a checkered design set diagonally in the room. I love the results and, as a single mom, felt a great sense of pride in having done the work myself.
Kim C. (Morris Plains, NJ) - Cork Tiles in checkerboard pattern
At last here are a few photos of the floor you sold us. It has been down now over a year and we like it very much and many people comment on how good it looks. The simplicity of installation was as promised by your staff when we first talked with them. I was leery about ordering on line but everything you promised was delivered. I would recommend your company without any hesitation even though we are two time zones apart. Cheers.
Fred A. (Dana Point, CA) - Nautique Cork Glueless Floating Plank
We installed our cork floor about 6 months ago and we're loving it. So many compliments from friends and family who can’t believe how good it looks. Also the warm touch of it compared to tile or regular wood is nice. The glueless installation of the planks was a breeze to put in. Our decision to buy from you was definitely the right one as well since we have seen our similar pattern elsewhere for more than twice the price! I also want to commend you on your customer service. When the trucking company had damaged some of our shipment you had sent out replacement cases right away allowing us to keep our installation on track. Thanks so much!
Jason G. (Colchester, CT) - Rivers Cork Glueless Floating Plank
As promised attached are the pictures of the room after the tile was installed. My wife loves it and wants it in the adjoining living and dining rooms.
Bob Z. (Media, PA) - Baltic Cork Glueless Floating Plank
We installed 3' x 1' Cork Glueless planks in our exercise and pool table room. The product came to us in perfect condition and was fun to install. Your staff was very willing and able to answer a couple of questions regarding installation and from there is was easy. We are very pleased with the floor which we laid over concrete. It has a unique and comfortable look which we appreciate. Cork was a good choice for the room because it's warm and insulating as well as resilient. But, the best thing about this flooring it that it is super simple to maintain.
Linda S. (La Crosse, WI) - Nautique Cork Glueless Floating Plank
I love the product, it works beautifully in my recently built wine room. A+
Eric J. (Darien, CT) - Nautique Cork Glueless Floating Plank
I just wanted all of you to know how pleased I am with my cork flooring . . . from the first time I phoned to get a sample to later ordering and then receiving the flooring on time, as promised, your customer service was top-notch. Now that the flooring has been installed, my condo is the talk of the entire condo complex. None of my neighbors were familiar with cork flooring until seeing mine . . . and I must say mine has created quite a bit of interest. I put it in the kitchen, foyer, dining room and also on my enclosed balcony. The warmth and "naturalness" of it fits with my overall theme. The only way I can describe the look is "stunning".
Marie B. (McLean, VA) - Aegean Cork Glueless Floating Plank