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Hardwood Flooring care tips

Tips for Caring for Your Hardwood floor

Solid hardwood floors, as well as engineered hardwood flooring, are very popular because of their natural beauty and their long lifespan. Properly cared for, a solid hardwood floor can last almost as long as your home does.

Dirt and grit are very harmful for your hardwood floors, because when ground underfoot they are literally like sandpaper. Sweeping or vacuuming your hardwood floors often can prevent dirt and grit from being ground into the floor, and preserve the natural beauty of your floors.

When you need to clean your hardwood floors, avoid oil soaps, as they cause a buildup on the floor and can interfere with a maintenance coat of wax. Instead, stick with a neutral-pH cleaner made especially for natural wood floors.

Water can damage a poorly finished floor if allowed to soak in. Standing water is never a good idea on your hardwood floor, so make sure you wipe up all spills quickly.

Many people forget to put felt pads under their furniture or lift it onto a blanket when moving it on hardwood floors.. Furniture can leave dents or scratches in the finish of your floor. Be careful to lift furniture or slide it on a surface like a blanket; never drag it across your hardwood floor.

When vacuuming your hardwood flooring, use a vacuum with a bare floor attachment; never use a vacuum with a carpet beater bar on a hardwood floor.

Sweeping with a broom or a dust mop treated with a special wood floor dust mop treatment can catch all the dirt and grit that otherwise would damage your hardwood floor.

If your hardwood floors are exposed to sunlight, they may become discolored. Sheer drapes allow you to open your blinds and still enjoy your floor's natural color. You may also consider a light-colored tinting film on your windows to protect your hardwood floors from harmful UV rays.