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Country Flooring



Premium grade flooring is all we can say about the wood floors manufactured by Country Flooring.    With better than average lengths and superior grading standards Country Flooring is our favorite manufacturer of quality hardwood floors.

All Country Flooring products are finished with 7 coats of UV cured aluminum oxide finish offering a 25 yr warranty.

The flooring is tongue and groove on all 4 sides ensuring the best installation possible. (end matched)Minimum lengths on all products of 15” compared to the industry standard of 9” for other manufacturers makes for a faster installation as well as a more aesthetically appealing look. The edges are micro-beveled with the smallest micro bevel in the industry to protect the edges of the flooring during the installation.

The grading of Country Flooring is Simple.

Prime Grade = Clear / Select and Better - For a clean, uniform look.
Standard Grade = Select and #1 mix.(Allows for color variation, and knots) - For a natural looking floor that contains natural characteristics.
Country Grade = #1 and #2 grades, (allows color variation and knots) Will not contain open hole knots - nearly 100% usable material.  Sometimes reffered to as Rustic (appearance only)
A Grade = Premium grade for Bamboo Flooring