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Construction :
Finish :
Color :
Grade :
Thickness :
4.8mm (3/16")
Width :
300mm (12")
Length :
300mm (12")
Carton Quantity :
36.00 sf/crtn
Price :
$4.25 SF
Installation Type :
Cork Tile Glue Down
Manufacturer :

Welcome to APC Cork. We are one of the leading providers of cork in North America. APC Cork's, cork flooring has become very popular with institutional as well as home owners. It provides a look that is unique an evironmentally safe alternate to other flooring products.

APC Cork's, cork flooring uses the material extracted from the bark of the cork oak tree, which only grows in the forests of Mediterranean countries. The largest concentration of cork flooring plantations are found in Spain and Portugal.

The bark, which becomes the cork flooring, was designed by Mother Nature to protect the tree during its average 500-year lifespan. Not only is the bark inherently fire resistant to temperature changes prevailing in those regions, to more than 38 species of insects, including the termite, and to the development of microbes.

It is important to note that only the bark is peeled off to be used for cork flooring every decade. The tree itself is never felled. The bark is a vegetal tissue made by an agglomeration of dead cells filled with air and lined with alternating layers of cellulose and waxy substance called suberin.

Hence the cork oak tree scientific name: Quercus Suber.
By using cork, we keep the forest alive and the habitat undisturbed.