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5 important tips for choosing you Hardwood Floor

When choosing a hardwood floor, a few tips can help ensure that you enjoy your floor, and are happy with your decision, for many years to come. This is an important decision, but it need not be a difficult one.

1. Remember that hardwood floors do not work well in bathrooms or other areas with high moisture levels, such as laundry or utility rooms. Concentrate on the main areas of the house, and choose a more moisture-resistant flooring for these areas.
2. Do not feel that you need to buy the hardwood floor that is in all the magazines this month. This is your floor. Go with what you really love. Buy the floor that fits your style and personality, not the floor that you think you should buy.
3. Make sure your hardwood flooring has a tough enough finish to handle the demands of the area it’s going in. You might choose a different flooring, for instance, for a formal living room than you would choose for the family room, which gets a lot of traffic.
4. Decide whether you want to hire an installer or install the floor yourself. This decision may influence which hardwood floor you choose, and will definitely influence your budget.
5. Choose your finish based on where the floor will go. Very dark or light finishes may look great in your living room, for example, but not in your kitchen. If the entire house will have the same hardwood flooring, make sure you choose something that will look equally beautiful in all the rooms.
Choosing a hardwood floor is an exciting and fun decision. This is the floor you’ll be living with for some time to come, and you need to be very happy with it. Make this decision based on what you really want, and use these tips to help make the choice easier.