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Discount Bamboo Floor Buyers guide

When considering a new floor for your old home, or a new home, cost is a consideration. Bamboo flooring, one of the newest trends in flooring, is very attractive, environmentally friendly, and durable. Unfortunately, some dealers offer bamboo flooring at very high prices which prove prohibitive for many homeowners.

It is possible to purchase a bamboo floor at a lower price than those you commonly find, without buying inferior bamboo flooring. The difference can be quite extreme, with typical bamboo flooring costs running over six dollars a square foot and many wholesale bamboo flooring companies offering bamboo floors as low as two dollars per square foot.

The key to buying discounted bamboo flooring is to know what makes a bamboo flooring product inferior, and avoid those factors in choosing your flooring.

One thing to look for in quality bamboo flooring is moisture content. In order to save money, some bamboo flooring manufacturers use immature stalks and do not dry them properly. A bamboo floor with a high moisture content molds and does not hold up under use.

A quality bamboo floor should have a moisture content of less than 10%.

Many inferior bamboo manufacturers use adhesives which off-gas once the floor is installed. This can be a problem not only with the quality of the floor, but also can cause health problems for the family.

The most common problem with low quality bamboo flooring is that the finish is of poor quality and the bamboo surface scratches easily.

When looking for discount bamboo flooring, keep these points in mind, go with a company that has been in business for a while, and ask for a  warranty. Also  make sure that the shipping cost of your new bamboo floor is in line with industry standards, so you do not buy an inexpensive floor and get gouged on shipping.

With careful shopping, it is possible to find an affordable bamboo floor which will enrich the beauty of your home and serve you well for years.