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Bamboo - Sylish & Affordable

Bamboo, as a resource for flooring material, has many advantages. It is renewable quickly, with the age of maturity being just three years as compared to oak wood that requires nearly one hundred years to mature. Bamboo regenerates on its own without the need of replanting. New shoots sprout from the base of the harvested grass. Yes, bamboo is grass and not wood as popularly presumed. It is the most sturdy and tallest among all varieties of grasses. Environment friendly, extremely strong, supple and versatile, bamboo is put to a variety of uses; the latest of which is flooring. Having established its presence as a viable and preferred flooring option in the Asian and oriental regions, it is now rising on the popularity scale in European and North American countries. It is a modern flooring option that is strong, has a highly pleasing appearance and is available at very reasonable costs.

With new flooring technology applications, the ultimate bamboo flooring products available for installation have more strength and moisture resistant qualities.
Bamboo is also naturally resistant to most insect species. Western architects and designers are increasingly favoring bamboo flooring as a flooring choice because it is practical and incorporates a factor of timelessness in functionality and appeal. This durable and reliable flooring option also offers some of the most distinctive and attractive cosmetic features.
Complementing the interior décor of all places of installation, bamboo flooring basically comes in two distinctive colors: natural, that is a rich creamy blonde shade and carbonized, that is a rich caramel color. This caramel like color is acquired by the flooring as it goes through a special heating and pressurizing process during manufacture. Bamboo flooring is available in different textures depending on how the strips used in its manufacture are laid in course of being laminated together. It can be either vertical, horizontal or strand woven in appearance. In the horizontal type the bamboo strips are laid flat thus displaying individual stalk nodes. This creates slightly wider rows when compared to the vertical design in which bamboo strips are laminated having been laid sideways. All design features cater to purely visual differences; the strength factor, durability and wear resistance being exactly the same for all design types. All of them are extremely hard and have a high resistance to wear.
Bamboo flooring can be nailed to a wooden sub-floor, glued to it or to other types of sub-floors using a suitable glueing method with gluing compounds available in the market. It can even be installed to create a floating floor over any existing sub-floor taking advantage of the tongue and groove arrangements in the strips/planks.