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Bamboo flooring - Unique and Innovative

Bamboo flooring is known by some flooring experts as “the new hardwood,” not because it’s a new type of hardwood (bamboo is a grass), but because bamboo is becoming a very popular flooring material and, in some areas and markets, overtaking hardwood flooring as the preferred flooring material.

One of the draws of bamboo flooring is its unique beauty. Bamboo offers a completely different look from the traditional hardwood floor. Because bamboo flooring is still in the early stages of expanding popularity, many people have not seen bamboo flooring before, and are very taken with the look. Bamboo comes in both its natural, honey-colored light shade, and a darker, more amber color.
As you may know, bamboo is an extremely environmentally sound flooring material. Because bamboo grows so quickly and because the plants are helped by harvesting the shoots every three years, bamboo flooring is the most ecologically friendly flooring to the environment.
Bamboo floors are exceptionally hard, tough and durable. In fact, bamboo flooring will outlast many hardwood flooring surfaces, and is harder than solid oak hardwood floors.
You may be wondering about the price tag for all these benefits. While it’s true that bamboo flooring is not the least expensive alternative, it compares favorably with many other higher end solid floor options, including solid hardwood flooring and marble tile.
Finally, bamboo flooring is easy to install and can be laid by many do-it-yourselfers.
If the idea of an environmentally friendly floor is important to you, if you’re looking for an unusual and beautiful floor, and if you want the hardest, longest-lasting floor you can find, bamboo may be the right choice for you. Whether you have your bamboo floor installed by a professional or install it yourself, you can rest assured that your floor will last for many years and provide a lifetime of beauty and service.