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Bamboo Flooring for the Eco minded

Flooring is the basic necessity of any modern home. For the reason of domestic purposes alone, almost a thousand acres of rain forests are disappearing and this is deeply affecting the global climate; largely responsible for global warming. Therefore, many companies that use wood to serve the decoration and designing purposes of their customers are giving thought to an alternative. After studying some facts like the bamboo being the fastest growing plant in the world, the floor manufacturers found the perfect solution.

Bamboo flooring is more durable than many traditional hardwood floors. One of the major advantages of bamboo is that since it is a grass, it grows faster than any tree. Bamboo flooring is more affordable than hardwood flooring and it is very easy to maintain. This type of  hardwood flooring is not affected by moisture levels and extreme temperatures as violently as traditional wood species and hence expansion and contraction problems are encountered less frequently in this respect. It has a very stylish look considering its gold-like color giving it a more natural tone. Bamboo flooring boasts of tensil strength as it can be compared to the strength of raw steel. Unlike other wood species, bamboo is known to release high amounts of oxygen, which makes it the easiest choice for the eco friendly client. Since, bamboo acts as a bug repellant, pests like wood ants, termites, etc. can never pose a problem.  In order to spread the environmental awareness to the masses, celebrities and famous interior designers are opting for bamboo flooring and making a global statement. There are more than one thousand different species of bamboo on the planet , however, only the Moso Bamboo species is used for flooring.  For the superstitious, it is said that bamboo helps in bringing good fortune to a home.
Bamboo floors are popular among customers, as they do not fade away along the years and have a natural resistance to fire and any other surface injury. Another advantage of bamboo flooring is that it can stand any number of renovations.