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Common facts about Hardwood Floors

If you are tired of the common stone flooring, then hardwood floors are the best option for you. They are the most elegant looking among the other flooring options that are available. Hardwood floors have a special aura about them and the best thing is that they can never be out of style since the old school look is immortal. Many interior designers still insist on hardwood floors and advise their clients to use floor rugs to add more color to the room.

A buyer can get hardwood floors in a variety of options, namely, different colors, different types of wood and fittings of different sizes. Given below are some of the facts of hardwood floors:
  • As the name suggests, hardwood floors are really hard. This prevents them from wearing out very easily. Due to the inherent toughness, hardwood floors are ideal for homes with children and pets.  Generally, hardwood floors are ideal for rooms that witness a lot of activity; people walking around, say a kitchen. The moisture level affects the quality of the wood to a great extent. Hardwood tends to contract and expand due to the moisture in the air and even due to extreme temperatures. Clients are always advised to use the proper construction of hardwood flooring while considering hardwood floors.
  • Hardwood is extremely sensitive to sunlight, so caution should be taken when selecting the wood type. The different types of wood have different properties and hence they react to the sunlight differently. Wood like oak, ash and maple tend to turn yellow on exposure to the ultraviolet rays, whereas, antique floors turn lighter in color. Cherry, walnut and kempas turn darker. Care should be taken if you cover the floors with a rug because usually the rug does not cover some part of the floor and when the rug is removed, it leaves a light spot. When exposed this lighter area will eventually catch up with the darker exposed area.
Nowadays, a growing trend has been seen in the form of hardwood floors that are hand scraped. Besides, hardwood floors are more durable, eco friendly, affordable and very easy to maintain. They are pleasing to the eye and the best part is that the floor offers the feel of having a piece of nature at home, adding a rustic charm.